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In AdWord hell! Someone told me that if I can master AdWords, I can write my ticket. Do I need any better motivation?
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Each I blurted out once as a child, puzzling their meaning. There were more instances, but these two I remember vividly. They remind me that whether I desire it or not, in my perception, written letters and numbers can and do change their order. Not only that, but completely unwanted ones can and will sneak into words I swore I already knew. It’s maddening, and I admit, sometimes embarrassing. This distrust of words and numbers leads me to say things in my adult life like:

If possible, can we recruit someone other than me to write on the flip chart? Like combination locks, dyslexia and writing in public do not mix. Sorry of the inconvenience.

In reality, Supper Rats is just a motel sign advertizing the competitive rates which might even be called super. Toasted Salad is an extra crunchy version of the lunch menu item of tossed vegetables. But I like to think that this odd, unpredictable perception of the written word has at least a little entertainment value.

So here is an ode to a meal of Supper Rats, Toasted Salad and an extra helping of the Sides of March. Misspellings, misuse and creative license of words guaranteed.

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